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Client Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave me a review

What my clients say is extremely important to my business. Without client satisfaction, I would not have a business! That’s why Richings Health is so invested in making sure that clients are happy with all of the health treatments and services I offer. Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.

All the below reviews have been left on my Facebook or Goolge page and can be found by following the below links:

Featured Review from Google:

Michael Rix

I’ve been a competitive athlete for a number of years with all sorts of injuries over the years and my ever advancing years means that recovery is key to performing well. It’s no coincidence that my best results have come from when I’ve been in optimum condition. Regular massage is a huge part of my preparation when edging towards a big event. What I have come to realise over the years is that there is both good and bad massage. Good is when the therapist is in tune with your body, is able to sense and feel areas of muscular tension and is able to find the correct pressure and massage to ease it and release the stress in order that it may perform correctly. Bad is when the therapist employs a ‘one size fits all’ approach and practices technique rather a problem solving approach. Jess is up there at the top of her profession. An example of her work: I recently felt a build up muscular stress due to an increased training load. I was one or two explosive efforts away from a popped calf or hamstring tear. I know, I’ve been there. Jess listened to my concerns, worked on the areas and loosened the hot spots. The result: today I ran a season best 5k. Over 20 seconds per mile quicker than last week with a negative split. It wasn’t unexpected as I knew as soon as I was treated what I’d now be capable of. If you want to bring a new dimension to your all round fitness, training and competition then see the best. That’s Jess.

Reviews: Testimonials

I had my first full body massage with Jessie last night and boy she is good! If you are looking for a firm (although her touch can be adjusted), professional massage in a beautiful, relaxing setting, I suggest you get booked in. I fear this lady will be one of those people who will soon be tricky to get an appointment with!

N Catling

Cannot recommend enough... Jessie was very welcoming & I felt completley at ease straight away (which isn't easy for me) and the massage was the best I have experienced ever, I even got muscles massaged that I didn't know existed! Soo happy to have found someone that knows exactly what they are doing, cant wait for the next one... 😸🙌

T Stevenson

I highly recommend Jessie, a very talented and knowledgeable lady who has set up a lovely treatment room 
at her home. She listened to and addressed my concerns, as well as giving aftercare advice. Her massaging skills really are incredible.
The views are also incredible, such a beautiful setting!

A Coby

Jessie’s massage are the best! 
As a practitioner my self I am very fussy about the massage I receive, but since ( only past few years ) start having massage from Jessie I have stop going anywhere else.
She has a very deep knowledge on human anatomy and Jessie knows what individual’s need at the time of treatment. 
She is highly skilled therapist and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anyone, my family and friends are already getting benefit from her skills. x

K Winchester

I have had pregnancy, post-natal and post-breastfeeding massages from Jessie and they are just the best! My back was aching and I really needed a proper treatment, knowing that I would feel better and that my baby/post-natal body would be OK too. Jessie is just the best and not only is she good at what she does, she talks to you, cares for you and really listens to make sure you are getting just the treatment you need.

H Barradell

Have been going to see Jess in Tonbridge for the last few months and she has helped so much both physically and mentally. Jess gave me some very good advice and explanation about the physical problems that I was having, my posture and general well-being have improved considerably. I would recommend Jess in a heartbeat to anyone that asked, sadly she is moving from Tonbridge, I will miss her and the whole experience.

P Keeble

Tonight I had the most amazing pregnancy massage. Jess is experienced and confident in pregnancy massage. I would highly recommend Richings Health for a pregnancy massage. Thank you again Jess x

A McCaig

Jessie is so friendly and professional. You can tell she loves her job as gives it her all and she cares about you. Highly recommend her, your In great hands

A Duke

Fantastic treatment, Jessie so knowledgable, and very talented! Saw me through shoulder operation. Feel like a new woman after my treatment with her!

S Mcintyre

The massage sessions I had from Jessie were amazing. She has a great understanding of the body and its patterns, how pain and many other aspects are related with stress and movement. After each session, I was more flexible and more energetic. Her enthusiasm is truly inspiring.

I Simion

Jessie is with no doubt my favourite massage therapist. I used to over exercise and Jessie told me to slow down, as my muscles needed time to recover. I would highly recommend her!!

C Hardwick

I have just had the most amazing back massage with Jess. It was just what I needed & very relaxing.
Jess is extremely friendly, professional & has an excellent technique. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough - I’ll definitely be going back!

S Leggett

Jess couldn't have been more helpful in finding an appointment that worked for me.I have had chronic lower back pain for months and after my treatment last night, I was able to put my socks and shoes on this morning without significant pain.Highly recommend Richings Health.

K Botting

Had an amazing 90 min massage today. Just the right pressure and so relaxing. I enjoy a massage just for relaxation and this was simply perfect. The worst bit is having to wake up and get dressed..... I could have laid there for hours .....didn’t want it to end!! Highly recommend x

C Stephanou

Had my first hour long massage two days back. Wonderful experience! Very relaxing, professional, and certainly hits all the right places! Thoroughly recommend!!

A Knill

Jessie is a extremely professional and her personality is powerful and positive. So are her treatments. I recommend her both for a deep tisssue and for a relaxing treatment!

C Rossi

I purchased a back massage for my mums birthday. She’s had it today and has come away so full of praise . This has been the best massage that she has ever had.

D Williams

Had a great face massage yesterday. Looking forward to coming for another massage very soon! 🙂

J Forster

Fabulous massage with Jess. My back immediately felt better and it was very relaxing. Highly recommended.

R Tuppin

First time visit (won’t be my last) with Jess today, what a lovely lady and my massage was 5* made me feel great.
Thank you so much and enjoy your day at car fest x

M King

I’ve just had my first ever massage. I feel relaxed & revitalised. Deffo recommend an hour, it goes so quick. Thanks Jess

C Shaw

Up until today I had always found massages to be very disappointing and uncomfortable. Not the case with Jessie at Richings Health. You go through a complete survey with her before your treatment and she explains throughly the process she will go through before the massage. I was recommended to have the 60 min back, neck, shoulder, chest and head massage. This was an amazing treatment and I found areas that were tense that I had no idea about. As it was my first treatment in a long time I knew there would be discomfort, but Jessie knew exactly when to apply pressure and when to back off. Lovely relaxed atmosphere and not rushed, so I will most certainly be booking more treatments.

L Dodds

Quite honestly the best massage I have ever had. As I Personal trainer and sports woman I am constantly training and working my body hard. I tell all my clients to stretch and look after themselves but naturally never practise what I preach!
I booked a 75 minute appointment with Jess and came out fresh as a daisy. She was wonderful and fully listened to my needs and felt her way round my worn out body.
My sports massage became a relaxation massage with none of the nonsense chit chat you get with some therapists. Would highly recommend this magic lady!

E White

My first impression of Jessie during the interview before my initial full body massage was that she was clearly very knowledgeable about how the body muscle and bone structure work. I've had a fair amount of deep tissue massage experience and my treatment by Jessie was still a revelation. Hers was by far the most complete and detailed treatment, really getting to the core of my issues, that I've ever had and will return regularly. I give her an unqualified recommendation.

D Newman

Having had my second session with Jessie I can already say that she is the best deep tissue massage therapist I've ever experienced. I feel real progress has already been made and 
I'm confident that Jess is going to make even more of as real difference in my well being as time passes. Thank you!

D Newman - UPDATE

I am disabled, and have many problems with mobility and pain.
After my first session with Jessie I noticed a big difference in both
my mobility and pain levels. Her skills and knowledge are remarkable.
I thoroughly recommend her service, and I will definitely be returning
for a package of treatment which I know will improve my life.
Thank you Jessie!

R Berry

Possibly the best full body massage I have ever had! I had utmost confidence in Jessie's knowledge, skills and array of techniques. Jessie's treatment room is tranquil and calm. Jessie is thorough and confident with great strength and skill to give a firm pressure massage, intuitively zoning in on problem areas. Well timed and unrushed. Excellent. Thank you.

C Murphy

Jessie is very friendly, skilled and fitted me in despite my fussing with timings. The massage was fantastic and brought me great deal of relief. I strongly recommend Jessie, whether you need a massage or just fancy a treat

J Daraz

I have just come back from a thoroughly relaxing deep tissue back massage from the lovely Jessie. I cannot recommend her enough - in fact I will be doing that exact thing to my personal training clients from now on!

E Gregory

Best massage I have ever had! Jessie really knows her stuff. She really helped my incredibly stiff shoulders and back. Highly recommended!

S Kennedy

Had a long overdue massage yesterday, came out feeling lighter and with much less tension. I will be returning for a course of treatments as Jessie has a lot yet to do to completely unknot me!

UPDATE: Jessie gives an excellent massage, a couple of days after I was feeling much taller and my shoulders were back down where they belong! I have had many massages and this is the first time I signed up for a course of four over a month and it has been well worth it. Jessie is knowledgeable and committed to ensuring you go out feeling much better than when you went in.

J Hubbard

Simply best experience! Never thought much about massage until I had it from Jessie. Had my first treatment with Jessie 8 years ago and never looked back. My body was in knots from both stress and gym. Jessie was so understanding of my low pain threshold but explained exactly how she would proceed and was checking with me if I was ok. I feel foot taller after every time I see her and tend to sleep much better for weeks after the treatment. Sad that she’s a bit further from London now but definitely worth the commute! The only minus every time I get a massage somewhere else I get annoyed cos I can tell they are not doing it right 🤣

J Abramowicz

Jessie has a natural talent in soft tissue massage. She works specifically on the areas that need the most work, and always knows exactly where these areas are! After treatments I always feel like all the tension I had has been released and I am able to move more freely. On top of all this Jessie has a lovely personality and I enjoy my treatment time with her.

M Patel

I have been seeing Jess for treatments for many years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. The deep tissue massages were an integral reason why I was able to play Premier League hockey well into my 30s and I now travel over two hours to see her whenever I can as she is that good!

J Stedman

Another skillful neck. shoulder and back message from Jessie. you clever lady!

K Stapley

As a retired therapist myself I know a good massage when I receive one! Jess has great hands and thorough knowledge, listens and empathises - essential qualities for an effective therapist. I will be back!

J Rees

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